METROMUSTER is a non-profit cooperative whose aim is to execute alternative campaigns that provoke social, economical and political change beyond capitalism.

We value audiovisual media as a tool for social change and are commited to working transparently and with ethical principles.


As part of the free culture movement, we offer our work under the Creative Common license because we understand that any idea or creation does not arise from nothing, and cinematic practice has a collective process at its core.


We believe in the transformational potential of format as well as content, therefore we treat both with equal status. We take aesthetics seriously and are committed to experimentation in visual narrative in order to surprise the viewer.


We consider community involvement in a broad sense as a method of increasing the power of social movements. A community project about the community itself, which emerges from people’s basic needs to create collective solutions.


We vindicate the recuperation of the economy as a mechanism for distributing goods and communal resources for the satisfaction of human needs. A social economy that serves the people, and not a system that perpetuates social inequality and the individual enrichment of the ruling classes.


We reject the precarious nature of jobs in current production models and seek to implement a working environment of safe jobs with non-hierarchical decision making processes, where the general assembly is the highest organ of sovereignty. We also abandon profit-based motivation and individual gains.


Grass-roots social movement is the engine that drives our projects. Local organised collectives are the only protagonists of the initiatives that we promote. Cultivating these links are what makes it possible to question the old forms of political representation.


We are committed to ethical management, transparency and confidential use of the community data we collect in our projects. Furthermore, we guarantee the right to leave projects and to collect one’s personal data.


We vow to the responsible and transparent management of financial contributions that facilitate our projects. The contributions we receive are not for the economic benefit of the cooperative.


We avoid projects that contradict our ethical and social principles (such as the arms industry, nuclear power, social dumping, child exploitation, dictatorial regimes, plundering the environment, etc).