Idrissa’s story presents a tragic opportunity to confront the institutionalised racism within Europe as well as it’s colonial past. Metromuster, as filmmakers, activists, but most of all as human beings we are concerned about recent events happening across Europe and ask why this state of emergency is not being dealt with.

Calls for solidarity, empathy or charity are not enough to raise understanding of the dangers that threaten the continent, which appears to be sliding back to a darker pre-world war era.

This project does not aim to generate feelings of pity for immigrants and refugees: it is rather a call to take action with a collective responsibility to stop the barbarity and denounce the migratory control and institutional racism that plagues Europe.

The project goes beyond the production of a film that tells the tragedy of a young man’s death. We aim to create a powerful movement to spread the message of Idrissa’s story with the reach it deserves.

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As supporters of the free culture movement we believe that open-source cinema is the way to expand the film and become a collaborative experience.

As such, we commit ourselves to accountability, transparency and confidentiality in the management of financial contributions and community data that supports the project. The economic and collaborative potential of the project is the strength of the public.

We believe that working in an open and transparent way with collaborators is the only way to create projects with a real and effective impact on our society.